The Intersection Between Heaven and Earth

The best way to reach a student is through another student!

Welcome to the Campus Missionary Program!

A missionary is someone who crosses lines of culture to introduce other people to the love and forgiveness found in Jesus Christ. It is someone who leaves the safety, familiarity and comfort of their "natural" environment to cross boundaries into a "different" culture to impact them for Jesus Christ.

Now let’s consider some exciting realities that we can count on as we think like a missionary on a school campus...more

This site is set up to help you in a variety of was:

SESSIONS -- for those who are currently enrolled in a CMP Group


TOOLS -- to help Students know their Rights on Campus

Got Help?

Life Link is an e-mail hotline that will provide prayer, advice, and support for youth.

Are you looking for someone to pray for you?  Do you need some advice?  Do you feel you need to share things that are going on in your life but feel you have no one who will truly listen?  Why not email us and let us know what's on your mind.  This section is dedicated to serving you.  Please keep in mind that our staff members are not trained professionals, but volunteers.  Drop us a line!  We look forward to hearing from you.

 Email Life Link 

Why 3tC?

It all comes down to the Third Cross!

The Bible teaches that everyone will have eternal life!

But the question is:

"Where are you going to spend your eternal life?"

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