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Congratulations on taking the first steps to starting a Christian club on your school campus! For some of you, the road will be easy; for others, a little tougher. In either case, we want you to know that we and hundreds of other people across the country are dedicated to seeing you succeed in your efforts to make a difference for Jesus in your school and community!

To help get you started, we’re giving you a few basics to learn. Please read all of the following materials. The better informed you are, the easier it will be to start your club.

God’s blessings to you as you embark on this new adventure. Please keep in touch and let us know how you’re doing.

Remember...You can make a difference!


Meet with two or three friends who want to form a club with you.

1. Discuss

Why have a Christian club?

2. Pray

Ask God to open doors for a successful club.

3. Research

Survey the current situation at your school.

  • Is your school government funded?

  • Are there any non-curriculum clubs meeting in your school?

    — What clubs?

    — How are they allowed to promote themselves?

    — When, where, and how long do they meet?

Make a list of...

  • Students who are in favor of a Christian club on campus.

  • Students who would actually attend the club.

  • The times these students are available to meet.

Go to your school office and ask what the procedure is for starting a school club. You may be given the following documents:

    • School club constitutions or charters.
    • District policy papers on student clubs and student rights.
    • School application papers.


Review Your To Do’s

Go over all your “to do’s” as a result of your research. Use this checklist as a guide. Note: You may not have to do all of these.

  • Become familiar with the Equal Access Act.
  • Quiz yourselves by asking each other questions.
  • Prepare a club proposal.

— Define the current situation in your school.

— State the advantages for having a Christian club on campus.

— State how you plan to start a Christian club on campus.

  • Prepare a club constitution.

— Purpose of the club

— Membership Definition

— Election of Officers

    • How often?

    • How many?

    • What types?

— Expectations of Members

— Meetings

    • Length?

    • When?

    • How often?

    • Dues/Offering?

— Order of Business

— Committees

— Amendments

  • Recruit a club “supervisor.”(This is different than a sponsor)
  • Pick a club name (Campus Link).
  • Ask ten adults to pray for you as you begin to plan your club.
  • Role play possible objections from:

    — School officials
    — Other students

  • Fill out club application papers.


  • . Present your proposal to:

1. Your principal

— Make an appointment and be on time.
— Be polite; but not apologetic.
— Be well versed on your rights and bring them up if necessary.
— Ask “when and where”, not “may we.”

2. Your school board (if needed)

  • Plan your first meeting.
  • Begin to promote the club and recruit students.
  • Hold your first meeting.
  • Get your club leaders together and evaluate the first meeting.
  • Be open to suggestions and ideas from other students.
  • Watch your club grow!

Additional Resources

  • Team 3 Club – A Student Guide for Starting a Christian Club on Campus, by Randy Brantley and David Hughey (Arkansas Network).
  • High School Evangelism Student Handbook, compiled by Youth America, C.A.S.E., and Fire by Nite.
  • Youth America Campus Clubs Manual, by Kirk Pankratz and Jay Sekulow.


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